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how to create targeted audience using facebook audience insights

Every example I mention in this post is a general way of looking at how to serve the marketplace with value. Often times, you will have your hands on a piece of content that you can position and present to a different market. 1. Go to Ad Manager or Manage Ads area in your Facebook account 2. Left hand tab, click on "Audience Insights" section 3. Take the tour if you'd like, but this post will give you a pretty good understanding... 4. Our job here is to create a

Branding: Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme

Website Objective: What is your website feature? The theme you pick should be relevant to your website, and relevant to your features. For example, if the website is related to the fashion industry, you should pick a theme that emphasize on visual, imagery, and photo placements. Does the theme have a photo gallery that will portray your images well? Is it easy to make adjustments? Go deeper, think about offline fashion. Fashion magazines, window display at the mall, fashion shows. Will you have fashion videos on your website? Vlogs? Where would you put the